Update: newest artscript is 2.2.1

[FIXED] Release artscript v2.2.1 Now with one more customization option, better performance, softness control and yes: KRA convert now works with Krita 2.9 (now for real ;]). See 2.2.1 release information


Imagemagick useful cmds: basic bash select, image resize, crop, creation

Imagemagick adapted personal notes. Most times when I want to do something on several images I use artscript, a small GUI tool to automate most common, and not so common, imagemagick operations. It makes a breeze to prepare a set of images to display on one or several output sizes and formats. artscript backbone is …

Practicing: creatures 190

No rules for this work in particular, no expectations, just had the idea to draw some figures that ended up having some relation. Get the source file! Update: Krita working with index coloring, working towards solving the color output mistery!

Krita Fundraiser campaign!

Krita Fundraiser campaign! https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/krita/krita-open-source-digital-painting-accelerate-deve Hola. Fue en 2012 que comencé a usar Krita para pintar. En ese entonces usaba la versión 2.5 en Windows, aunque por momentos se cerraba, era la primera aplicación de pintura digital donde realmente me sentí cómodo. Tanto me gustó que hoy día es casi la única aplicación de pintura que …

Sketch Dump: March 2014

I had to rest a lot this month, It seems when I use a tablet I use a repetitive unnatural movemtent to draw (Short inwards wrist movements). Over the hundreds of drawings that began causing a tendon wear out. Before it develops any further (even to a tendinitis) I rested. Between rests  I tried several …