Sketch Dump: March 2014

I had to rest a lot this month, It seems when I use a tablet I use a repetitive unnatural movemtent to draw (Short inwards wrist movements). Over the hundreds of drawings that began causing a tendon wear out. Before it develops any further (even to a tendinitis) I rested. Between rests  I tried several …


Sketch 02 07

I'm not so good at painting yet. This is a warmup paint. I skipped the render phase. Below is before adding color. I feel a lot more relaxed working with sepias.

Sketch dump August/Sept

Seems like a good time to share the study sketches I've been doing. What am I attempting now? Capture the body gesture, the force, the action, not the pose.

The July ordeal

Every month I try to keep a routine of drawing exercises and art studies, all with the intention to get better at fundamentals and general understanding. This month I focused a lot on perspective and I started to study about everything I find (Encyclopedia selected subjects), specially the things I find the least enjoyable. However …

30 minutes of sketching

I set times for my sketching/coloring/anything sessions. Each full session is worth 1hr of continuous work. The following drawings were done in half a session today and, as you can see, there are not a lot of them. Not much to upload as lately I've been working on my physical sketchbook but, working with the …

Sketch dump June #02

First, references Sketches using reference. There is a little of everything, gesture quick driven drawings, Structural drawings aimed to find the geometry of the form. Color studies, get as close as the picture without sampling from the image. As always in life there are some good results and lots of bad ones. Second, no reference …

Martial Art Girl sketch

The main challenge I face while drawing this martial artist is the garment, if done wrong it doesn't look powerful [ El principal reto que enfrento al dibujar el artista marcial es el traje, si los pliegues están mal pierde mucha fuerza y se ve menos poderosa]

Sketch dump June 01

I'm getting a bit homogenous in the posts with so much sketches and small tests, but there is a reason: I feel I'm going trough a little figure construct transformation, while before I only followed the flow of the thing I had in front of me, since the start of June I started to actually …