Character design: 1017

While there is no sound its easy to follow the steps I did, when you read before hand david’s revoy tutorial . Mirror mode is a fast way to get designs but I decided to practice rendering as my finishing lacks big time. Of course I didn’t went crazy detail as I wanted to leave […]

Character design, north pole girl

net_mp-inter_006fShifting from copying to adapting. This is based on some inuit photo references. Krita 2.8 alpha.
Almost 10 day since the last update, that was a lot of time. Currently I’m working a lot shifting exercises and developing on fundamentals. There is a lot to show, but I don’t want to toss everything without any structure. I’ll make a nice post with my results so far and some more explanation about the process.

Forced landing

Concept art practice. Paint over, Alien spaceship floats passively after the crash, the crew observes the unexpected structure from the hull while the smoke dissipates. About 1hr Software: Krita Composition “study” thumbnail, done to aid in the image construction.

Making of: floating

Para esta ilustración no tenía nada planeado, sólo quería generar algo sin nada de presiones. Eso me hizo elegir un estilo caricaturizado y al poco me hizo perderme en lo intrincado del cabello hasta poco a poco darle forma a una niña volando libre en sueños.
[ For this illustration I had nothing planned, I just wanted to generate something without being pretentious. That made me choose a cartoony style and in a short span of time I was lost in her intricate hair until little by little give her the shape of a girl flying freely in dreams. ]
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Session — The conquest, timelapse

La idea para esta ilustración la dibujé cerca de 3 años atrás, con la intención de mejorar mis habilidades con GIMP, sin embargo poco después de eso comencé a dedicarme de lleno a web y por otro lado me había desencantado de Gimp como software de pintura digital. La idea siempre me gustó, y ahora que estoy cómodo trabajando pintura digital en Linux me volví a encontrar el archivo y decidí llevar a cabo la idea. He de agregar que hubo un cambio entre la idea original de color en aquel tiempo y finalmente lo que hice ahora, mas contrastado.
[ I drew the idea for this illustration about 3 to 5 years ago, with the intention to polish my painting skills on GIMP, however just after that I began doign web design and PHP programming full time, and on the other hand I had discarded The GIMP as a painting software. I always liked the idea and now that I’m comfortable working digital painting (or trying to) on Linux I found the original sketch and decided to finally paint it, but now using Krita. I have to add that there was a huge change in the color, because back then I was thinking on a more brighter setup. now it ended up very contrasty ]

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