Practicing: creatures 190

No rules for this work in particular, no expectations, just had the idea to draw some figures that ended up having some relation. Get the source file! Update: Krita working with index coloring, working towards solving the color output mistery!


Sketch Dump: March 2014

I had to rest a lot this month, It seems when I use a tablet I use a repetitive unnatural movemtent to draw (Short inwards wrist movements). Over the hundreds of drawings that began causing a tendon wear out. Before it develops any further (even to a tendinitis) I rested. Between rests  I tried several …

Sketch 02 07

I'm not so good at painting yet. This is a warmup paint. I skipped the render phase. Below is before adding color. I feel a lot more relaxed working with sepias.

Sketch dump August/Sept

Seems like a good time to share the study sketches I've been doing. What am I attempting now? Capture the body gesture, the force, the action, not the pose.