[es] Esta semana en krita — semanas 25 y 26

Estas semanas han sido emocionantes con la campaña de kickstarter acercándose más y más al objetivo. Al momento de escribir este artículo estamos pasando 13k. Y con la nueva oleada de usuarios, atraídos por la gran labor de colaboradores y entusiastas en la difusión de la misma, hemos estado muy ocupados trayendo nuevas versiones de prueba y desarrollando nuevas funcionalidades.

Antes de entrar de lleno a lo nuevo, no puedo dejar de mencionar a Ramón Miranda que, con el objetivo de difundir mejor las capacidades de Krita para aquellos que escuchan del software por primera vez, ha creado una serie de video tips: Introducciones cortas a diversas funciones avanzadas y fundamentales dentro del software. Aún para los iniciados es un buen recurso, al menos yo aprendí un par de cosas que no conocía. Todos los tips en el post de kickstarter Ramon youtube channel

Progreso semanas 25 y 26

Entre las cosas más destacarles podemos citar los importantes esfuerzos de Boud por crear un entorno de construcción que permita crear eventualmente una versión de prueba para los usuarios en OSX. Aún en fase experimental, el avance es bueno logrando compilar el programa, y hacer que funcione. Por supuesto esto está lejos de ser una versión para distribuir, pero si recordamos como empezó la versión de Windows, es una gran señal.

Somsubhra, desarrollador de la versión Krita Animation, ha añadido, entre muchos arreglos de fallos, un primer esbozo de un reproductor para las animaciones hechas. Se puede ver más en el video adjunto.

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Krita Fundraiser campaign!

Krita Fundraiser campaign! Hola. Fue en 2012 que comencé a usar Krita para pintar. En ese entonces usaba la versión 2.5 en Windows, aunque por momentos se cerraba, era la primera aplicación de pintura digital donde realmente me sentí cómodo. Tanto me gustó que hoy día es casi la única aplicación de pintura que uso. […]

Sketch Dump: March 2014

I had to rest a lot this month, It seems when I use a tablet I use a repetitive unnatural movemtent to draw (Short inwards wrist movements). Over the hundreds of drawings that began causing a tendon wear out. Before it develops any further (even to a tendinitis) I rested. Between rests  I tried several ways of working but I kept going back to the short movements. In the end the only thing that seems to be working is tilting the tablet and draw more in paper.

Here is the sketchdump of all drawings made with the tablet. I focused on finding my creativity and learning a bit of technical stuff. The drawings offer little technique variety, they are low on composition values and overall few men were amongst the drawing subjects. Overall this month was not very productive.

The sketches

Some are referenced from other artists artwork, a lot are build from reference, and only few are completely invented.

Krita tip: Ease setup 1 point perspective assistant

Going trough a perspective course at Crimsom Daggers I decided not only to make the exercises but to get them to a certain level of presentation. (I keep the sepia like scheme as I find out I can work for larger periods of time with it).

Using Krita assistants tools not only allows for faster work but also cleaner and more organized look. For diagonals outside the grid I switched to the line tool.  I used a few layers to organize shapes and soften most construct lines and some masks to keep lines from overlapping.


Setting up a grid

Setting a one point perspective grid is super easy with some planning. The following short video will show you the steps to achieve it.

The most important thing to remember:

  • Set an outer square area to align the cage outer sides
  • Draw an inner area to to align the inner cage points, this is important as it’s impossible for the perspective assistant corners to snap at a single point (The perspective assistant breaks).

The file

The zip file contains the KRA original file and a .krassistant file to load with the assistants docker. You can reuse the krassistants grid adjusting the corners to the size you need. Get the file!


Wish list: Krita assistants

Krita assistans tool is quite powerful for helping you in making technical drawings, they look so simple and yet with a bit of planning you can setup almost all of your perspective needs. Here below a video of me doing some work. Its in real time so you can see how and when I used the assistants.

Finished sketch
Finished sketch

I’m still not a power user of this tool, however after using it so much lately I have found a few annoyances and wishes for some features.

There are, at the time of this writing, four types of assistants which are.

  • Ellipse: Helps you create circles and ellipses
  • Spline: Allows to create a controlled curve
  • Perspective: Allows to create a perspective grid (This on is special since brushes can react to this perspective grid)
  • Ruler: Just like the Line tool, but here you can fine tune the line as you draw over it.

This short list allows to make complex setups, and while it takes a bit of time to make them just right, it allows for finer control over the lines you are going to get. I believe this approach is very powerful once a few shortcomings are resolved. Below I list the bugs I’m getting as well as a few wishes for making assistants a bit more complete.

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Sketch dump February 2014

Most of the february sketches are here. In march I need to do more:

  • “We need more men”
  • More stock variety
  • Composition++
  • Coloring practice
  • And a lot more Finished pieces.

Some of the below sketches are referenced and some others are not. It’s quite easy to spot them as most of the characters from stock used on the reference drawings are very repetitive.

The sketches:

Special thanks to all deviantart stock used which mostly are: tasastock, imperialstarletstock, ravenofthenight, 13-melissa-salvatore, mostlyguystock and skydancer-stock

Krita 2.8 Shortcuts Cheatsheet

Krita 2.8 is close to be released and to join the celebrations I updated the shortcuts sheet to reflect the new additions. Quite a lot of changes happened from 2.7 and in the  shortcuts department the new defaults  include:

  • [ R ] Pick layer under cursor. Press and hold ‘R’ and click on the canvas. The current layer will change to the layer that contains the clicked pixel. neat!
  • [ W ] Wrap around mode: Make seamless textures easily.
  • [ Shift + R], Undo Polygon Selection Points: Now you can undo selection polyline steps.
  • [ CTRL + SHIFT + U ], Desaturate: Ligthness, Average, Luminosity, Min, Max
  • [ , ] and [ . ], Previous and Next Favorite presets. Navigate favorite presets
  • [ Ctrl + B ], Color balance
  • [ Shift + B ], Show/ Hide Dockers
  • [ Shift + H ] Hide brushed and stuff bar: It hides only the bar with brushes and save options.

Download the sources file


Shortcuts Customization

All shortcuts can be modified to your liking, to do so go to “Settings >  Configure shortcuts…”. From here you can modify most of Krita tool invocation as well as common actions like save or create layers.


This is perfectly fine, but if you want to change how to Zoom, Pan, Rotate, Color pick and all program events it is possible using another Interface. This on edeals with all input regarding Canvas. To acces it go to “Configure Krita > Canvas Input Settings”. Inside you will see the following sections:

  • Tool Invocation: General Ok, Cancel actions
  • Alternate Invocation: Mostly Color picker actions
  • Change Primary setting: I’m not entirely sure of what this one does
  • Pan Canvas: Move around the canvas actions
  • Rotate Canvas: Spin canvas actions.
  • Zoom Canvas: Actions regarding display size
  • Show Popup Palette: Toggles the appearance of the favorite brushes presets wheel
  • Select Layer: Toggle select layer mode

This interface is very powerful, you can change all actions to whatever you want. For example to set Zoom to work on the Key [ Z ]

  1. Go to Canvas input settings
  2. Open “Zoom canvas” dropdown
  3. Double click on “Add shortcut…”
  4. Set to [ Mouse button / Mouse button ‘1’, Modifier ‘Z’ / Toggle Zoom Mode]

Now every time you press and hold [ Z ] you can use the mouse button to zoom in and out.


Something to note is that “Toggle” actions mean that the option is active during the keyPress so to be able to use them it is mandatory (for now) to use the “Mouse button” + Modifier as shown above. It would be neat if it could be possible to only use a key + mouse motion to use this toggles, but sadly it is not the case for now. Toggle Discrete actions means that change is made using steps.

Krita shortcuts cheat sheet modification

If you modify your shortcuts perhaps you will want to have an updated version of the cheatsheet above. I made this version easier to modify. All you need is a copy of Inkscape to start changing all strings. Of course you can also localize the text, in which case I will be very interested to know about!

cheatsheet28_modifyDownload the sources file


Little haidong girl.

net_master001fI had the intention of making little sword martial artists for a while, but no ideas would come up. This is the first I was able to get almost right :D. I used Krita for sketching and planning, later, after being frustrated by my first wrong attempt, I went to Inkscape to color and detail. In the end Krita was used again to add some Overlay effects and textures.

Below, some progress shots.

Dreams – Elephant downstairs

After a bit of “training” I’ve been able to recall almost all y dreams, and with some effort and time I can translate them to detailed narrations. Sadly I cannot share them all at the moment as most of the are Spanish only. This one is very short as I was unable to sit to write it until the day after. I apologize in advance for my English in development)

The dream

Elephant downstairs

I could not write this dream until the day after. I just remember that under the room where we slept in the place where the living room with the big windows was, dwelled an elephant that always used his roar voice to call our attention over the things we did that damaged his mother. Sometimes he would show his nose from the staircase to sniff out to verify we did good. Not wasting any water, not wasting any paper. Some other times you could see his head from the window, and in rare times you could see a big round eye vigilant of our actions. He was not a bad Elephant and we never felt harassed, after all, if his mother died he would die too, and so do we, because his mother was our mother too.


Sketches 02 February

Here are some sketches from today. I am focusing less on reference drawing and more on creativity explosiveness :p