Little haidong girl.

net_master001fI had the intention of making little sword martial artists for a while, but no ideas would come up. This is the first I was able to get almost right :D. I used Krita for sketching and planning, later, after being frustrated by my first wrong attempt, I went to Inkscape to color and detail. In the end Krita was used again to add some Overlay effects and textures.

Below, some progress shots.

Black cat – illustration

Comision from my facebook page. I do one for each like. Still learning a lot to translate the drawing into a painting. As recommended to understand shape I start working the linework as a tridimentional shape, even if as this was taken from a photo reference. It was hard as It is the first time […]

Alicia sparkle illustration

This time i bring something a little different. A vector illustration. The main objective was not to do an anime girl, but as expected my render skills are still very anime oriented.

The sketch was done using Krita, the speed and efficiency makes work with it a pleasure.

The coloring phase was devoted to inkscape, a vector tool easy to use. I decided vector over raster for this particular case to get more practice on vector workflows in an attempt to use this from time to time for my illustrations and/or webcomic.

Below you can see various details of the finished illustration as well as the vector outline and original sketch.

Finished artwork

You can view a larger size at my deviantart page, or get the source files to make a derived work.


Licencia Creative Commons
Alicia sparkle por Ivan Yossi se encuentra bajo una Licencia Creative Commons Atribución-CompartirIgual 3.0 Unported.

My Inkscape story +lots of illustrations.

When I was starting digital color, I always thought vectors were for simple and uninteresting stuff. The truth is I was not comfortable using them. Back then I tried only Illustrator, which to this date I can’t find a comfortable way of using it. After my first short migration to linux I met with Inkscape and I made some experiments with it and some more complex work.

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Into perspective and detailing

The character mirror has been developing into a warm up and detailing exercise. I tend to start with a vague direction of where I want to get with the character in mind, and once the general mood is set I start adding volumes and details

  • The fashion girl: The general idea here was to make a skinny girl, very sexy but at the same time I was trying to add a lot of texture. It turned out to be a pretty girl with a not so practical clothe design. So it became fashionesque.
  • The comander: Experimenting with the layer styles of krita I started this development looking for bevels and textures. This led me to make armor plates and not so detailed parts. Krita becomes quite memory intesive when using some clone layers and filter masks on them. I liked the result. now I have to polish a lot more my detailing
  • After duty robot: After the comander experience I decided to leave the final touch to the last. For this I wanted to make a robot but not as a humanoid free walking device but as a chair like furniture that serves for something. I still don’t know exactly what purpose it serves. As an alternative I thought of a robot that server in a spaceship. After being replaced by a newer model it was dismantled and mounted on a base for display.

At first I begun working on mirroring because it was fun a resulted in many creativity decisions. Now it’s time to give purpose and learn to detail.


Feng Zhu tutorials recommend using insects as a good practice  into perspective. I have to say that I had previous to this some practice and knowledge on perspective. While in secondary school I took 3 years of technical drawing, and every friday was perspective time. But the practice was never so deep and because I was young and still didn’t realize that I wanted to use my drawing skills as a profession I did not retain most of it.

After the short story: How the exercise works. This is how I’m implementing it. First make a quick copy of the reference photo to begin to understand the shape. Once I’ve got a certain degree of understanding I used basic shapes to make the top and side view. Using guides to get approximate proportions I laid out a perspective grid and projected the views onto the perspective. I should take no longer than 12 minutes.

This is only the first step, I’m currently starting to do buildings and machinery, still a lot to do and to learn.

Making of: floating

Para esta ilustración no tenía nada planeado, sólo quería generar algo sin nada de presiones. Eso me hizo elegir un estilo caricaturizado y al poco me hizo perderme en lo intrincado del cabello hasta poco a poco darle forma a una niña volando libre en sueños.
[ For this illustration I had nothing planned, I just wanted to generate something without being pretentious. That made me choose a cartoony style and in a short span of time I was lost in her intricate hair until little by little give her the shape of a girl flying freely in dreams. ]
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Character min64, coloring…

Explorando algunas formas para colorear un proyecto terminé con esta imagen. Me gustan los resultados del pincel sketch pero aún me falta integrarlo adecuadamente a un color en específico. [ Exploring some coloring ideas for a proyect, I ended up with this. I like the results the sketch brush can give, I still need more […]

Session — The conquest, timelapse

La idea para esta ilustración la dibujé cerca de 3 años atrás, con la intención de mejorar mis habilidades con GIMP, sin embargo poco después de eso comencé a dedicarme de lleno a web y por otro lado me había desencantado de Gimp como software de pintura digital. La idea siempre me gustó, y ahora que estoy cómodo trabajando pintura digital en Linux me volví a encontrar el archivo y decidí llevar a cabo la idea. He de agregar que hubo un cambio entre la idea original de color en aquel tiempo y finalmente lo que hice ahora, mas contrastado.
[ I drew the idea for this illustration about 3 to 5 years ago, with the intention to polish my painting skills on GIMP, however just after that I began doign web design and PHP programming full time, and on the other hand I had discarded The GIMP as a painting software. I always liked the idea and now that I’m comfortable working digital painting (or trying to) on Linux I found the original sketch and decided to finally paint it, but now using Krita. I have to add that there was a huge change in the color, because back then I was thinking on a more brighter setup. now it ended up very contrasty ]

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