Sketch Dump: March 2014

I had to rest a lot this month, It seems when I use a tablet I use a repetitive unnatural movemtent to draw (Short inwards wrist movements). Over the hundreds of drawings that began causing a tendon wear out. Before it develops any further (even to a tendinitis) I rested. Between rests  I tried several ways of working but I kept going back to the short movements. In the end the only thing that seems to be working is tilting the tablet and draw more in paper.

Here is the sketchdump of all drawings made with the tablet. I focused on finding my creativity and learning a bit of technical stuff. The drawings offer little technique variety, they are low on composition values and overall few men were amongst the drawing subjects. Overall this month was not very productive.

The sketches

Some are referenced from other artists artwork, a lot are build from reference, and only few are completely invented.

Dreams – Elephant downstairs

After a bit of “training” I’ve been able to recall almost all y dreams, and with some effort and time I can translate them to detailed narrations. Sadly I cannot share them all at the moment as most of the are Spanish only. This one is very short as I was unable to sit to write it until the day after. I apologize in advance for my English in development)

The dream

Elephant downstairs

I could not write this dream until the day after. I just remember that under the room where we slept in the place where the living room with the big windows was, dwelled an elephant that always used his roar voice to call our attention over the things we did that damaged his mother. Sometimes he would show his nose from the staircase to sniff out to verify we did good. Not wasting any water, not wasting any paper. Some other times you could see his head from the window, and in rare times you could see a big round eye vigilant of our actions. He was not a bad Elephant and we never felt harassed, after all, if his mother died he would die too, and so do we, because his mother was our mother too.


Sketches 02 February

Here are some sketches from today. I am focusing less on reference drawing and more on creativity explosiveness :p

30 minutes of sketching

I set times for my sketching/coloring/anything sessions. Each full session is worth 1hr of continuous work. The following drawings were done in half a session today and, as you can see, there are not a lot of them.

Not much to upload as lately I’ve been working on my physical sketchbook but, working with the tablet has given me a lot of control with my pencils. :]

Sketch dump June 01

I’m getting a bit homogenous in the posts with so much sketches and small tests, but there is a reason:

I feel I’m going trough a little figure construct transformation, while before I only followed the flow of the thing I had in front of me, since the start of June I started to actually see some volumes and shapes in the forms in the image. This led to a massive drop in quality while i was in the process of switching. It’s not perfect yet, but I see a little more volume on the forms and shapes and also I’m able to add some more detail (or so I think) to the sketches in the same amount of time, that is around 5 minutes each.

Character remake 001

net_remak_001Of all the things I could have done I decided to make a quick remake of an old sketch. You can spot the lack of reference in the hands and the hat, but I’m happy with the result. I’m seeing some improvements, but there is still a lot to work on. In the future I’ll do more remakes but more than just a quick “redraw” I will strive to tell in a single image all that I imagined for that character.

Total time: 1hr
Krita 2.7