Wish list: Krita assistants

Krita assistans tool is quite powerful for helping you in making technical drawings, they look so simple and yet with a bit of planning you can setup almost all of your perspective needs. Here below a video of me doing some work. Its in real time so you can see how and when I used the assistants.

Finished sketch
Finished sketch

I’m still not a power user of this tool, however after using it so much lately I have found a few annoyances and wishes for some features.

There are, at the time of this writing, four types of assistants which are.

  • Ellipse: Helps you create circles and ellipses
  • Spline: Allows to create a controlled curve
  • Perspective: Allows to create a perspective grid (This on is special since brushes can react to this perspective grid)
  • Ruler: Just like the Line tool, but here you can fine tune the line as you draw over it.

This short list allows to make complex setups, and while it takes a bit of time to make them just right, it allows for finer control over the lines you are going to get. I believe this approach is very powerful once a few shortcomings are resolved. Below I list the bugs I’m getting as well as a few wishes for making assistants a bit more complete.

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Krita pullshapes v2.0, almost here


Using the chemistry theme as the brushes come from Alchemy., but I’m not sure they are clear at all. A little help on the design is welcomed.As for the brush “pack”. This time I changed how pullshapes are presented.
– All presets use by default all shapes. (No more a preset for brush)
– Each .kpp preset varies on how the shapes are delivered. So far I have 3:

  1.   Normal: Pressure changes size and Opacity
  2.   Declination: Declination changes size, pressure Opacity
  3.   No opacity: Pressure only changes Size.

– Spacing or “rate” of shapes is controlled by speed and scattering.

I haven’t released them yet. As there comes a new addition to this brush set and needs some documentation: The Maker

The maker is a script to transform svg shapes to gih brush ready to load in krita/gimp. It’s not fool proof as it needs the svg to be saved in a certain way. But, with some familiarity it’s possible to create a new set in less than 5 minutes. (An ugly set to be honest)

The files I have so far ready for testing can be reviewed here:

Krita Pull Shapes Brushes v1.

Ever since I saw the Chaos and Evolution’s preview videos I was captivated by how Alchemy was used by David Revoy. Specially I liked a lot the Pull Shapes feature combined with the Alchemy vector brush. Today I use Krita for a lot of my sketching and developing of ideas. I still use the Alchemy brush (thanks to Lukas for the nice addition) but the Pull shapes was left behind. After reading this post from Lukas T. Blog I was inspired to try to “get” that feature in one way or another.
[ Desde que vi los adelantos del DVD “Chaos and Evolutions” me cautivó la manera en la que David Revoy usaba Alchemy. Espcialmente me llamó la atención el uso de la caracterísitca “Pull Shapes” combinada con el pincel de placas. Hoy día uso Krita para la gran mayoría de mi bocetaje y desarrollo de ideas. Todavía uso el pincel Alchemy (gracias a Lukas T por incluirlo en Krita), pero “Pull shapes” se quedó detrás. Después de leer esta entrada del blog de Lukas T. me vino la idea de adaptar la función de alguna manera. ]

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[Color] Session March 01 – Landscapes

Copiar color, se trata principalmente de aprender a ver el color. Imitar la atmósfera del color, la temperatura, el humor sin tomar colores directamente de la imagen (con el cuentagotas por ejemplo). Con los ejercicios de dibujo de línea trabajo mucho la forma pero no así el espacio y el color. Hace tiempo quise hacer este ejercicio, el original no tenía un límite de tiempo tan estricto, pero pensé que lo mejor sería darme un límite para forzarme a ver la generalidad, olvidarme d elos detalles y aprender a pintar el todo. Después de todo en 2min 30seg no me daría tiempo de hacer detalles. [ Copying color, it’s all about learning to see color. Imitate the atmosphere, color temperature, mood without sampling from the image, all just by seeing and comparing. With the drawing sessions I develop a lot of form but no space or color. It’s been some time since I wanted to do this practice, although the original didn’t have any time limit but I thought that it would be better to give me some limit to force me to see the general picture, forget about details and learn to paint the whole. After all 2min and 30seg was a good time to avoid dwelling on details. ]

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