Sketch dump June #02

First, references

Sketches using reference. There is a little of everything, gesture quick driven drawings, Structural drawings aimed to find the geometry of the form. Color studies, get as close as the picture without sampling from the image. As always in life there are some good results and lots of bad ones.

Second, no reference

In a proper work piece, I believe there should always be some reference, be it form inspiration purposes or for understanding. Reference it’s not only about copying. In this case I leave out any reference and try to draw following a set of ideas. The results are very poor in content, I’m afraid.

Sketch dump June 01

I’m getting a bit homogenous in the posts with so much sketches and small tests, but there is a reason:

I feel I’m going trough a little figure construct transformation, while before I only followed the flow of the thing I had in front of me, since the start of June I started to actually see some volumes and shapes in the forms in the image. This led to a massive drop in quality while i was in the process of switching. It’s not perfect yet, but I see a little more volume on the forms and shapes and also I’m able to add some more detail (or so I think) to the sketches in the same amount of time, that is around 5 minutes each.