Krita 2.8 Shortcuts Cheatsheet

Krita 2.8 is close to be released and to join the celebrations I updated the shortcuts sheet to reflect the new additions. Quite a lot of changes happened from 2.7 and in the  shortcuts department the new defaults  include:

  • [ R ] Pick layer under cursor. Press and hold ‘R’ and click on the canvas. The current layer will change to the layer that contains the clicked pixel. neat!
  • [ W ] Wrap around mode: Make seamless textures easily.
  • [ Shift + R], Undo Polygon Selection Points: Now you can undo selection polyline steps.
  • [ CTRL + SHIFT + U ], Desaturate: Ligthness, Average, Luminosity, Min, Max
  • [ , ] and [ . ], Previous and Next Favorite presets. Navigate favorite presets
  • [ Ctrl + B ], Color balance
  • [ Shift + B ], Show/ Hide Dockers
  • [ Shift + H ] Hide brushed and stuff bar: It hides only the bar with brushes and save options.

Download the sources file


Shortcuts Customization

All shortcuts can be modified to your liking, to do so go to “Settings >  Configure shortcuts…”. From here you can modify most of Krita tool invocation as well as common actions like save or create layers.


This is perfectly fine, but if you want to change how to Zoom, Pan, Rotate, Color pick and all program events it is possible using another Interface. This on edeals with all input regarding Canvas. To acces it go to “Configure Krita > Canvas Input Settings”. Inside you will see the following sections:

  • Tool Invocation: General Ok, Cancel actions
  • Alternate Invocation: Mostly Color picker actions
  • Change Primary setting: I’m not entirely sure of what this one does
  • Pan Canvas: Move around the canvas actions
  • Rotate Canvas: Spin canvas actions.
  • Zoom Canvas: Actions regarding display size
  • Show Popup Palette: Toggles the appearance of the favorite brushes presets wheel
  • Select Layer: Toggle select layer mode

This interface is very powerful, you can change all actions to whatever you want. For example to set Zoom to work on the Key [ Z ]

  1. Go to Canvas input settings
  2. Open “Zoom canvas” dropdown
  3. Double click on “Add shortcut…”
  4. Set to [ Mouse button / Mouse button ‘1’, Modifier ‘Z’ / Toggle Zoom Mode]

Now every time you press and hold [ Z ] you can use the mouse button to zoom in and out.


Something to note is that “Toggle” actions mean that the option is active during the keyPress so to be able to use them it is mandatory (for now) to use the “Mouse button” + Modifier as shown above. It would be neat if it could be possible to only use a key + mouse motion to use this toggles, but sadly it is not the case for now. Toggle Discrete actions means that change is made using steps.

Krita shortcuts cheat sheet modification

If you modify your shortcuts perhaps you will want to have an updated version of the cheatsheet above. I made this version easier to modify. All you need is a copy of Inkscape to start changing all strings. Of course you can also localize the text, in which case I will be very interested to know about!

cheatsheet28_modifyDownload the sources file


13 thoughts on “Krita 2.8 Shortcuts Cheatsheet

  1. I just started using drawing software and bought a Huion (185) tablet and in trying to use it . i use the undo and redo alot and i mean alot. but i dont see it on the tools or on the header. So how do i add it?

  2. OMG your cheat sheet is gorgeous. Do you know if this is current with Krita 4.1.1 ? I’m a newb, still getting my feet wet, so I can’t immediately spot any differences.

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