Artscript v2.1 pre-release

2.1_cuts_blogAfter quite some time I managed to close all big features requests and bugs from Artscript 2.0 Im happy with the result. The script feels a lot more snappier and with the addition of Drag and Drop its so fast to use it as an app.

About artscript
Artscript is a script app to easily convert production file images (KRA, XCF, PSD, ORA, SVG, PNG) to universal formats (JPG, PNG, GIF or WEBM).

The output format can have a watermark added and it’s possible to deploy in the same step one or many size targets. The process is made super easy with the use of a configuration and presets for instant deployment of commonly used options

Made with digital designers and painters in mind, the final images aim for high quality results, not speed of conversion. However the script remembers the last used settings to fasten deployment of several images made for a project at different moments in the preproduction stage.

When working on several projects a presets.config is available to set more than one preset, so you can have a “personal” preset, with sizes tailored for your blog and a “Client work” with your personal information as a watermark label a proper size, or sizes, for the client needs.

Download and install instructions
Project github page has all you need


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