Krita 2.7 Shortcuts cheat sheet

UPDATE: Krita 2.8 Cheatsheet

I always wanted to make something like this. But up until now I had the time to make it right. The keyboard layout it’s a qwerty mixture between latin-american and english keyboard.

I selected Krita as I wanted to learn a lot more about it. On the process I noticed it has a lot of modifiers combinations that makes difficult to make a single cheat-sheet. Also I left behind all key combinations on path creation (Even so  I ha d a lot of difficulties achieving a great looking easy to follow sheet).  The correct thing would be to make more than one sheet to accommodate all the key combinations, but for the moment I decided not to, because I want to focus on the painting aspect of Krita.

I do think the combinations should be layout a little different, a little more like Mypaint, But I’m aware not all the folks using Krita have the same needs as I do. On my next update I will share my keyboard combination.

To keep the spirit of choice around I made 2 themes available, and to keep the openness around you can get the source files also.

Source FIle: Get Krita Cheat sheet Source Files

Dark Version

I like this the most because the bright colors help to differentiate one key combination from the other.


Light Version

I like how the keys and text looks in this one, but the color combinations where hard to choose as the brightness of the bright keys diminish the reading. But oh well, looks nice.



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