Black cat – illustration

net_comi-004fComision from my facebook page. I do one for each like.

Still learning a lot to translate the drawing into a painting. As recommended to understand shape I start working the linework as a tridimentional shape, even if as this was taken from a photo reference. It was hard as It is the first time I draw a cat. they twist a lot. I know this cat from life and im impress on how it escapes from any posture I put her on (As she is a kitten she always comes back for more play). I think the values came ok, but as it is a black cat I might failed to compensate the darkness of the cat with the environment. The idea was to emphasize the cat’s silhouette so I went for a simple background. Adding colour to the b&w value version is still something Im still shy and ignorant about. I use Color and Overlay modes to the first step but as it does’t come up as I expect I never get to the detailing. Shame on me.

Below. linework and Values version.

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