The July ordeal

Every month I try to keep a routine of drawing exercises and art studies, all with the intention to get better at fundamentals and general understanding. This month I focused a lot on perspective and I started to study about everything I find (Encyclopedia selected subjects), specially the things I find the least enjoyable. However I haven’t worked as much as i wanted to. They where distractions.
[ Como cada mes procuro seguir una rutina de ejercicios de dibujo y estudio, todo con el fin de mejorar mis fundamentos y conocimiento en general. Me enfoqué mucho a perspectiva y comencé a estudiar sobre todo lo que encuentre (temas selectos de enciclopedia), especialmente de las cosas que menos me gustan. Sin embargo no he trabajado tanto como quisiera. Hubo distracciones.]

The main distraction was my goal/career focus change and the revelation that I have not an updated portfolio for illustration, almost all “good” stuff goes back to late 2009, the moment in which I left the idea of making comics to settle on web design. I consider this to be something good, because of that I abandoned the silly idea of only drawing mange style. So from 2009 to date all my contacts are web design related, all magazines I read, all sites I know for reference, leaving the Illustration contacts and information grew thin. I’m doing the switch little by little. It’s difficult since most of the jobs I get are web design related. I decided to stop accepting those type of jobs earlier this month.
[ La principal distracción ha sido el cambio de trabajo y la revelación de que no tengo un portafolio para ilustración actualizado, casi todo lo “bueno” se remonta al 2009, momento en el cual dejé el “cómic” por dedicarme al diseño web. Considero que fue algo bueno, ya que dejé la bobería de sólo dibujar manga debido a eso. Por lo mismo desde 2009 a la fecha mi red de contactos creció mucho en dirección al diseño Web que al dibujo e ilustración. Aún hoy me siguen llegando algunos trabajos de diseño web, Poco a poco estoy haciendo el cambio. ]

Another fun, yet avoidable reason of distraction was nostalgia. 4 years working Inkscape non-stoping made me fall in love with it. Although I believe this software it’s not the most useful or practical to sketch on it (i prefer Alchemy or krita for that matter), just for the old times I set to discover a workflow for inksape in order to get something similar to Alchemy and Krita. It is cumbersome and not very practical, but my secret love for vectors made me do it. I’ll be uploading some inkscape related stuff later on.
[ Otro distractor, la nostalgia. 4 años trabajando exclusivamente con Inkscape me volvieron un enamorado del software. Aunque creo no es el programa más útil para bocetar, (prefiero krita, alchemy o mypaint) por pura nostalgia me puse descubrir un flujo de trabajo para Inkscape de manera de obtener algo entre Alchemy y Krita. Admito que amo los vectores. Estaré subiendo algunas pruebas a color y diseños/bocetos que realice con el software. ]


Lastly, but not less important, Im preparing to take 2 different language proficiency tests: the IETLS and the 日本語能力試験 level 3. I have not taken the first one I mentioned ever in my life, I hope to get good grades; the second one, the japanese proficiency test, I have taken it before but in the much harder level 2. This time I’m being less ambitious and I’m only preseting level 3. I’m a lot more nervous about the IETLS since I haven’t presented any english exam since middle school, that’s was 2001!
[  Por último, estoy preparando dos exámenes, el IETLS y el 日本語能力試験 nivel 3. El primero no lo he presentado nunca, espero tener buenos resultados; del segundo, el de japonés, el nivel 2 lo he presentado ya 3 veces, sin resultados positivos. Seré menos ambicioso esta vez e iré por el nivel 3, sin complicarme la vida. Me pone mucho más nervioso el exámen de inglés porque desde la secundaria no presento ningún exámen de esa lengua. ]

I would like to think that I get the most out of the time I have, but when I interpolate what I’m doing It’s hard to see where I’m going to get with all this.
[ Me gusta pensar que aprovecho el tiempo, pero interpolando lo que hago es difícil ver a donde voy a llegar con todo esto. ]


3 thoughts on “The July ordeal

  1. Hey, interresting to read all your way into experimenting and changing. Congratz for keeping the effort to practise. I know the amount of self discipline it requires, quite a lot !
    I’m convinced that you shoudn’t try to put appart your webdesign / vector (inkscape) skill from the way you envision your future with art. You have an interresting ‘breeding’ of skill , and it’s always good IMO to consider them as a whole.
    For example ; I’m sure you could do artworks really clean based on your sketch abilities and vector skill. A bit like this type : witch is definitely a cool rendering to consider.
    Also, providing high quality illustrated webdesign is defintely an artform, and with HTML5 abiities, and your ability to also code I can really imagine the landscape of possbility for you is more large than, for exemple mine.
    Just a personnal point of view about my experience with this. Each artist/practiser sound to have always a struggle between opposed and paradoxal points , maybe a solution is to find harmony at the center of all.

    • It’s been quite a journey, and it all began the day I tried Ubuntu, and phrases like — Hey! let’s see what this GIMP stuff is, and try to make something with it — started to “grow out” of me. Before that all I knew was Photoshop and paint. It’s funny how that made me learn a lot of stuff while before all I did was clicking around a piece of software.

      As you point out correctly, that opposed and paradoxical creative realities are hard to conceal, its like right vs left side of the brain, or dogs vs cats xD. Definitively I won’t give up on coding, it took me a lot of effort to loose the fear and learn about it, and also coding web is something I enjoy.

      But clearly I will leave the “do it for the client” side of web-design. I’ll keep on experimenting layouts and SVG integration :]. As of Vectors and clean results… perhaps I should prepare a short entry on the blog about those attempts. I did try some nice renderings before, of course I knew almost nothing I know now. Definitively something I want to do again. I guess you are right about considering the abilities as a whole, if I abandon them, that would make those years wasted years. Working together with all the skills I’ve learned over the years will probably give me a very unique style while keeping the joy in the creative process.

      Thanks a lot for the long comment, your insight was helpful to gain a different perspective of the vision I have for my artistic future. Perhaps the pressure to “become better” was a bit over me (that probably explains the massive, sketches only, blog entries), as I see a lot of super great artists around. July is almost over, Krita forums has new subforums, bugs are filled with incredible speed while Ramon miranda works heavily on the muses DVD, and on deevad’s blog, 2 new illustrations were published satisfying the fans crave.

  2. lol for deevad’s blog updates 😀
    And oh, yes, I really understand ” the pressure to “become better” ” problem ; but also ‘technical training’ is something you can get on the way. You have enough skill to start expressing yourself or telling any story you want. Technique is just a shell ; the content is the most important 🙂

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