Round up: April, the good the bad and the ugly.

Oh boy, this month total focus: Better understanding. I wan t to be a Concept Artist. I’m still struggling with creativity, some days it’s stall and nothing develops others it flows like a river. Problem is, even with a river of creativity still my fundamentals are still very basic. This month was very productive, but I guess still the improvement isn’t that big yet.

Let’s review what I’m doing

Daily sketches

Draw a series of persons, animals or objects in about 5 minutes. Get the general idea first. The idea on this practice is to gain a faster understanding on what I’m seeing.

Total this month: 50 😦


A series of exercises aiming to get a better understanding on artistic fundamentals. I started this month with these ones. Composition and anatomy as the focus on this. Most of the studies on this are theory made practical on paper. The lack of time ti scan leaves us with the only practice done on the computer. The composition understanding.


Above, composition understanding.: Find the main subject matter and the compositional reinforcement lines in under 1 min. Krita experimental brush is excellent for this.


A group of practices aimed to boost creative thinking. I used to be quite creative, but somehow it got lost. Now to gain creativity I decided on a series of necessities to force creativity out.

Mirror fun practices: Using the mirror mode (Krita, mypaint or Alchemy) construct something out of it.

The above practice led me to the Character design practice: Set a place and time and design a series of related characters.

Above: the Guardian and the princess.

There are other miscellaneous practices, like paint over another artist’s idea to incorporate new elements and to correct anatomy.

Painting practices

At the moment only the paint overs are my painting practice. This area needs to be improved.

The proyects

All this practice serves nothing if I don’t try to achieve anything. So this month we started (today April 30) on “the chase” comic project. It’s a short script about a Chase: Applying all knowledge acquired to render an idea. Some of this project begun last month, but due my lack of confidence I stopped working on it after “finishing” character design.

It all went wrong in fact, because the characters were not properly designed. Alicia is 14 years old, not 23 as the design suggest, and Adrian is 12 years old… So yeah I was lazy. I took on the project again and advanced a bit on the “composition” for the beginning of the story and I properly designed Alicia.

Future projects include the cinematic adaptation of the most challenging dreams I’ve been able to transcript to words. Most of the are science fiction so I have to develop a lot of machinery. It’s gonna be fun.

Rounding up

In general I think I’ve gotten s little better. One thing I’ve noticed is that I tend to loosen up a little to much when I’m on the tablet. Like if I was skating. this in general makes my paintings look messy. Another thing you might notice is the absolute total absence of men in the drawing uploaded, It’s truth I draw them a lot less than women, and I should change that. There are some drawings of them, a lot with strange anatomical problems, others are nicely not so bad. I hope to improve that this May.

I hope you liked my progress over the last month. Feel free to share your own drawing improvement advices :]


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