Finally! Artscript Collage Range mode

I’ve been working hard lately on polishing the Collage range mode. To make it useful it needed the ability to change colors of background, label and border. I tried to avoid duplication making everything into processes or loops. I added a lot more of custom properties to customize. Specially of use are the color swatches which if configured properly can provide a quick theme for collage outputs. [ Últimamente he trabajo bastante en mejorar el modo rango del Collage. Para volverlo más útil surgió la necesidad de cambiar los colores del fondo, la etiqueta y el borde. Traté de evitar duplicar código metiendo mucho en procesos y bucles. También añadí muchas propiedades más para modificar, de ellas es especialmente útil las muestras de color que configurados a conciencia permiten seleccionar rápidamente temas para el modo Collage ]

More info on artscript on github readme

Artscript pre 1.5 changes:

  • Moved watermark and collage code to their own functions out of “covert” process to ease its development.
  • Added Range mode: This allows to select a massive amount of images and generate many collages each number of images.
  • Added the ability to change watermark position
  • Added the ability to change watermark size
  • Added color options for background border and label
  • Added label for collage mode: it accepts all escape codes from imagemagick
  • Renamed Tile to Layout.
  • Renamed “Size & Tile settings” to “Tile & Collage settings”
  • Added many more configurable options


  • Preset mode: Basically having a separate file with predefined settings ex. Deftaul, Collage dark, Collage bright
  • Preset flag: Flag on call to load an specified preset from file.
  • Image Watermark: Inside config files or default options a path to image watermark as well as GUI checkbox
  • Code cleanup: This will require mode study on tk but it is needed to allow collaboration


This is a development preview, a lot of options are not fully tested. Also there might be some regressions because of the code refactoring.
[ Esta es una versión para entusiastas, muchas de las opciones no han sido probadas completamente. También puede haber regresiones, en cuanto a que funciones no funcionen apropiadamente, debido a la reestructuración de código. ]

Don’t forget to thank David Revoy for the inspiration and great interest on the proyect


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