Mousepad 0.3.0 Video What’s new [en/es]

Today XFCE Team announced the release of Mousepad-0.3.0, a complete rewrite of the former mousepad application. I decided to download it and compile it to try it. I really like it, it’s very fast, lightweight and comes with some additional tools to quickly edit source code files (PHP,CSS, etc). I did a short showing some differences between leafpad and mousepad-0.3.0 It’s done very quickly, no audio.

From the official announce:

Highlights ========== – A complete rewrite of Mousepad. The code is now written in GOjects where possible so we have a solid base for further development. – Run multiple windows in one instance. We also invoke a running instance with DBus (optional), this is needed for tab DND between windows. – Drag and Drop support for text inside a document, between tabs and between windows. Also supports opening a file by dragging it into the window. – Support for multiple tabs in one window which are both reorderable and detachable. – Load multiple files at once from both the open dialog and the command line. – Type-ahead find and highlight feature like Firefox. – Support for editable menu accelerators. – Reimplemented recent file support. You can cleanup the Mousepad history and a file is removed from the history when Mousepad was unable to open it. – Syntax highlighting of many filetypes (including printing). – Various hidden settings. – Statusbar with filetype, cursor location and whether overwrite is actived. – Mousepad depends on GTK+ 2.20.


Hoy el equipo de XFCE anunció la liberación de Mousepad-0.3.0, una reedición escrita desde cero del Mousepad original. Lo descargué y compilé para probarlo y la primera impresión es buena. Realmente me gusta, es bastante ligero y rápido, y está adicionado con algunas herramientas útiles para editar rápidamente archivos de código fuente (PHP, CSS etc). Hice un pequeño video donde se pueden apreciar algunas diferencias entre Leafpad y Mousepad-0.3.0, lo hice de primera intención por lo que no tiene sonido.



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